Welcome to my website!

I am happy to be providing piano service to Central Wisconsin! I began my piano tuning career around 1990 in the Twin Cities. I relocated to Central Wisconsin to work in radio broadcasting back in 1994. I decided to put piano tuning aside for a while.

After talking with a few people about piano tuning, I learned that there was somewhat of a demand for tuners in the area – several technicians had retired or passed away.

I decided to get back into the field – I’ve really enjoyed meeting some great people and bringing their pianos back to life – nothing is more satisfying than finishing a tuning and playing some lush chords on a client’s newly tuned piano – they often say, “Is that my piano?!!”

They can hardly believe how good their old piano sounds!

  • Personalized Service

    I’ll work with you to optimize your piano’s performance so as to meet your musical goals.

  • Committed To Excellence

    I am able to stay current with the latest developments and the newest techniques by being an Associate member and attending local chapter meetings of the Piano Technicians Guild.

  • Rates

    Standard Tuning – $90 which includes any minor repairs. Pitch Raise – $30.   All other repair work $30/hour plus cost of materials. School and church rate $80 tax exempt – ask about multiple piano discounts.